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or someone to send me h
Grandma often said: "You are really happy, life is stable, nothing is missing." I grew up slowly, and more deeply grasped her words. On May 12, 2008, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred in Sichuan. On that day, many People's Liberation Army, doctors, nurses, and volunteers rushed to the disaster area to provide earthquake relief. The next day, people across the country spontaneously donated money and donated blood. People in the disaster-stricken areas are also stubbornly self-help and mutual assistance. In the face of disasters, everyone has done their best to dedicate their selfless love. At this time, I really saw what we usually say, "Love the motherland and love the people." I really felt that in the face of the great disaster, the harmony of our society and the concerted efforts of people Cigarettes Online. In the third grade, I was selected as the representative of the class. I went to the school of migrant children��s school, Tianhua School, to give gifts. We sent the activities that everyone donated at home, the most favorite activities, badminton, basketball, chess. Ah, the children there are so happy, we are so happy, for the first time, I feel the true meaning of "helping people to be happy." After returning, my mother lamented: "The children are really happy now Marlboro Red, they are doing their best, they need everything. They have a feeling of communist society. One evening, I accidentally fell my foot when I practiced cycling. A strange old grandfather helped me back home. On the way to school the next day, my feet hurt, my grandmother struggling to hold me, take a step to stop, usually less than ten minutes, but it seems like The mother of a classmate saw our situation and took the initiative to use a bicycle to send me to the school. Huang Chunyan��s mother half-holded me on the fourth floor into the classroom. After school, Zhang Yuting��s grandmother I was still looking for someone to send me home, and Ma Fengliang��s father had already silently held me on the electric car... On the third and fourth days, someone was rushing to pick me up and help me up and down the stairs, teachers, The students also cared about me, helped me with the meal, helped me to the playground, helped me with the book... Although it was only a small injury, I deeply felt the love and care from the society, the school, and the family. For poor families Women��s tuition-free, nutritious meals; the personal experience of the People��s Liberation Army and various levels of government Cigarettes For Sale, various units, and individuals when they experienced the snow-covered roads, I understand the meaning of our country��s ��harmonious society��: forming the entire people I have seen a harmonious society like the society that can get everything and live in harmony. What about you?
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