Online consultation

Online Consultation

If you want us to find your remedy & manage your case, please proceed as below:

  1. Use the Smart Remedy Finder for your illness.
  2. If your illness is not listed there, use the option of Chronic Personality Analysis.
  3. After the step of Disclaimer, select the option of YES and get the prescription.
  4. Go to the end of the prescription page and fill the OPTIONAL section also.
  5. Your work is done!

Based on the above steps, we will receive your information and select the remedy & manage your case free for one month, if you like the results you can pay us and continue with the treatment in the same way i.e. pay after every month.

By doing the above steps, you will gain access to the Member Portal where you can manage your case easily.

Remember our promise: No Cure – No Pay!

Fee Structure:

  • First Time Consultation (Chronic, old cases), $40:
    • Includes Case analysis & holistic advice
    • If AFTER a month of following our advise you are fully satisfied with the results, you Pay Us our extremely low fee.
    • If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing.
    • There are some cases which require a few months of treatment before improvement is seen, for such cases we extend the Pay After Cure promise to 3 months of free treatment. If you are satisfied after 3 months, you can pay.
  • Follow-Up, $20:
    • For the cases that require follow up, if you are satisfied and want to continue after the first month, the same policy will be applied i.e. at the end of each month, you will Pay Us our extremely low follow up fee. This will ensure that you only pay if you are satisfied.

Acute problems (Cold, flu, fever etc) $20:

  • Case analysis & holistic health advice.
  • You Pay Us $20 through PayPal only after you are satisfied. Nothing upfront!
  • If your case requires follow up after a month, it will be $10