Online consultation

Online Consultation

Following are the steps to get online consultation:

  1. Download & fill the applicable questionnaire below
  2. Email it to us at
  3. If we can help, we will tell you the prescription
  4. You can buy the remedy from anywhere you like
  5. If you are satisfied with the results of 30 days of treatment, you Pay Us. If not, we stop the treatment & you go free

Remember our promise: No Cure – No Pay!

Questionnaires (Microsoft WORD documents):

Fee Structure:

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  • First Time Consultation (Chronic, old cases), $40:
    • Includes Case analysis & holistic advice
    • Our promise, No Cure – No Pay!
    • If AFTER a month of following our advise you are fully satisfied with the results, you Pay Us our extremely low fee.
    • If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing.
  • Follow-Up, $20:
    • For the cases that require follow up, if you are satisfied and want to continue after the first month, the same policy will be applied i.e. at the end of each month, you will Pay Us our extremely low follow up fee. This will ensure that you only pay if you are satisfied.

How it works:

  • Download the relevant questionnaire from above, fill it accurately and email it to us
  • We will review your case and provide online consultation.

Acute problems (Cold, flu, fever etc) $20:

  • Case analysis & holistic health advice.
  • Our promise, No Cure – No Pay!.
  • You Pay Us $20 through PayPal only after you are satisfied. Nothing upfront!
  • If your case requires follow up after a month, it will be $10

Partial List Of Ailments For Online Consultation:
•Avoiding surgery of Adenoids, Tonsils, Prostate, Polyps etc
•Curing skin problems e.g. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc
•Dissolve stones of Bladder, kidney, gallbladder etc.