Recommended Homeopathic Remedies to Stock

There are thousands of homeopathic remedies which are useful in different ailments. It would be impractical & unwise to stock up on all of them for a common household. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a minimum list of recommended homeopathic remedies to stock.

These remedies are an essential part of the every home’s emergency kit. Based on experience, we have found that these remedies in 30c & 200c potency can address over 90% of the common ailments that a household of adults, children & infants may require.

Whether it is an insect bite or an injury, whether its UTI or Candida, whether it’s Acne or Pollen Allergy, armed with these remedies and our free & easy to use Smart Remedy Finder, you will have the next best thing to having a homeopath by your side 24/7.

During the time of illness, the last thing you need is a trip to the pharmacy or worse yet, mail order something. The remedy kit will pay for itself many times over during your lifetime as if you have to order even one remedy overnight, that will be more than the cost of the entire kit!

Here is the List of Recommended Homeopathic Remedies to stock in your house

You will be able to order all these remedies in the form of a kit soon from us. There are many kits available in the market, none of them combines both the low 30c & high 200c and topicals in the way our kit does.

You can read about the details of these remedies in Materia Medica

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