Homeopathic Consultation

We offer homeopathic consultation with the promise of No Cure – No Pay!

We offer this promise because we have a success rate of over 80% for realistically curable cases.

Please use our free SRF (Smart Remedy Finder) to find the right homeopathic remedy within minutes for over 35 Acute & Chronic ailments. It asks only relevant questions in simple English and gives you answer options. 

While using the SRF, you will have two options, either to use our paid consultation service or continue with free self help.

If you use our consultation service, we will manage your case free for one month. There are no upfront payments, no credit card info etc. If you are fully satisfied with the progress of your case, you can pay us otherwise you go free and stop the treatment. Here is our Fee Structure

If you can’t afford to pay the consultation fee, you can pay us a portion of the  fee that you can afford, if you can’t afford it at all we will treat you free! Why? Because everyone deserves the blessing of great health.

We also offer Phone/Skype consult, for details please visit the Consultation Page

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