Online homeopathic treatment

We offer online homeopathic treatment with the promise of No Cure – No Pay!

We offer this promise because we have experienced a success rate of over 80% for realistically curable cases.

There are two options of seeking homeopathic treatment:

OPTION-1: Self Help

If you are familiar with homeopathy and want to try it yourself without our assistance, you can use our free SRF (Smart Remedy Finder) to find the right homeopathic remedy for over 35 Acute & Chronic ailments within minutes. It asks only relevant questions in simple English and gives you answer options. You can read the details of How the SRF works. You can buy homeopathic remedies from anywhere.

OPTION-2: We Help

If you want us to select your remedy & oversee your case, please use our Online Consultation. We  provide prescription only, you can buy homeopathic remedies from anywhere.

We don’t take any payment upfront, no credit card info, nothing at all. If you are fully satisfied with the healing process within a month of seeking our homeopathic treatment, you can pay us our extremely discounted fees at the end of one month of treatment otherwise you go free and stop the treatment.

The same payment model will continue for subsequent months (if required) i.e. if you are satisfied, you pay at the end of the month. 

For Acute illnesses (cold, flu, fever etc) you pay after your cure & full satisfaction. There are no payments upfront. Absolutely nothing. Its plain & simple.

We are offering extremely low consultation fees as we want to make using homeopathy easy.

If you can’t afford to pay the full fee, you can pay us a portion of the consultation fee that you can afford, if you can’t afford it at all we will treat you free! Why? Because everyone deserves the blessing of great health.

We are not aware of any online homeopathic treatment which offers this promise. We are able to provide it because we believe that a properly chosen homeopathic remedy can bring about substantial improvements in health in a short time.

With our online service you never have to leave your house, you can seek treatment from your home.

Avoid Surgeries

With proper homeopathic treatment, you may avoid many common surgeries e.g. removal of adenoids, tonsils, kidney stones, gall stones, bladder stones etc. Its no wonder that homeopathy is heavily relied upon in most of Europe and South East Asia. It is gaining huge popularity in the US too because its a safe & non-toxic alternative and works on the concept of holistic healing.

With our service and promise, it’s not difficult to try it.

Holistic Healing is easy! Try Our Service


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