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Breathing Right

Breathing Right has so many benefits that you will be amazed!

Breathing right for relaxation & stress reduction is one of the best known form of exercise which doesn’t use any medicine and has been scientifically proven to:

  • Calm nerves

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Improve concentration

  • Elevate mood

It will take 5-10 minutes to complete this breathing exercise for relaxation and you will notice the difference before & after the exercise right away.

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

  • Keep breathing normally and focus on it for 3 minutes.

  • Just observe how you are breathing.

  • You can close your eyes if you like.

  • After around 3 minutes of normal breathing, inhale deeply, as deep as you can through your nose. It should cause your chest to rise and your stomach/abdomen to expand.

  • Hold the breath for 5 seconds and start letting it go slowly through your mouth.

  • Exhale fully forcing every last bit of breath out.

  • The time it takes to inhale should be 3-5 seconds.

  • To exhale it should take 8-10 seconds.

  • Do this for around 3 minutes the first 3 days increasing this to around 10 minutes daily.

  • You may start feeling light headed after this which is a good sign. You will be normal within a few minutes.

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