Fast natural cure for groin strain

Fast natural cure for groin strain

Strain of any muscle is painful, especially groin. Our homeopathic protocol offers Fast natural cure for groin strain which can provide huge relief in 24 hrs and cure in 7 days in most cases. All other treatments only block the pain (pain killers) but do nothing to cure. Our homeopathic protocol reduces pain and provides cures at the same time.

Lets first see what is a groin strain. A groin strain is an overstretch or tearing injury to the muscles of the inner thigh. Groin strains make walking, lifting the knee, or moving the leg away from or toward the body difficult and painful. Groin strains can occur from overuse of the muscles, or from a sudden contraction of the muscles.

Injury occurs when the muscles are either too forcefully contracted or too forcefully overstretched. A muscle strain can be graded according to the amount of muscle damage:

  • Grade 1: Mild or partial stretch or a tear of a few muscle fibers. The muscle is tender and painful but maintains its normal strength. Use of the leg is not impaired, and walking is normal.
  • Grade 2: Moderate stretch, or tearing of a greater percentage of the muscle fibers. There is more tenderness and pain, noticeable loss of strength, and sometimes bruising. Use of the leg is noticeably impaired, and limping when walking is common.
  • Grade 3: Severe tear of the muscle fibers, sometimes a complete muscle tear. A “popping” sound may be heard or felt when the injury occurs. Bruising is apparent, and sometimes a “dent” in the muscle may be seen under the skin at the site of the tear. Use of the leg is severely difficult, and putting weight on the leg is very painful.

When groin muscles are strained or torn, muscle fibers and other cells are disrupted. Bleeding can occur, which causes bruising. Within a few minutes to a few hours after the injury, swelling can occur, causing the injured area to expand and feel tight and stiff.

Although groin strains most often occur in athletic activities such as football, soccer, and dance, they also can occur during everyday activities such as lifting heavy items, slipping while walking, or climbing stairs or ladders.


Here is our homeopathic protocol that offers fast natural cure for groin strain which can provide huge relief in 24 hrs and cure in 7-10 days in almost all cases:

  1. If you have groin strain, as soon as possible, take one dose of Arnica 200 (see below for what is a dose)
  2. Wait for 12 hrs, then take a dose of Ruta 200.
  3. Within 24 hrs, you will see substantial reduction in your pain.
  4. Continue taking one dose of Arnica 200 & Ruta 200 i.e. take Arnica in the morning & Ruta in the evening.
  5. Apply Arnica cream to the affected area, 5-6 times a day.
  6. Continue this protocol of Arnica & Ruta till you are fully cured.
  7. Continue daily activities avoiding movements which cause pain in the groin.
  8. STOP all forms of exercise & sports for a few days till cured.

What is a Dose
If remedy is Pills/Pellets:
One dose is one pill. If the pellets are very small in size like fine sugar grain, then 7-10 pellets.
Dissolve the pill in your mouth.

If remedy is liquid:
Put one drop of the remedy in half glass of water, stir and take one tea spoon from it. That’s one dose.

You can Contact Us for any further details or help or you can use our FREE Smart Remedy Finder to find the right remedy within minutes for many injuries & illnesses along with detailed prescription guidelines on how soon to expect improvement, when to repeat the dose etc.

Common Sense Precautions
This protocol can help in all types of groin strains. If you suspect Grade-3 strain, get emergency medical help in addition to the protocol above.

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