Natural options for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS)

Natural options for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS)

Updated: Mar 2022

Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) is a rare congenital vascular disorder in which a limb may be affected by port wine stains (red-purple birthmarks involving blood vessels), varicose veins, and/or too much bone and soft tissue growth. The limb may be larger, longer, and/or warmer than normal. The cause is unknown. In addition to the allopathic treatment, there are natural options for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS).

Symptoms and severity of KTS vary for each patient. Symptoms can include bleeding from the affected limb, a skin infection, blood in the urine, or rectal/vaginal bleeding. You could experience pain in the limb, blood clots, anemia and seizures.

Main symptoms of KTS are:

• Blood vessel defects leads to the formation of signs on skin like port wine stain; dark brown spots on skin, stains have sharp borders around them.
• Other defect on vessels is varicosity of veins of limb; varicose veins are seen in infancy and are more prominent in childhood and adolescence.
• Other associated symptoms when varicosity occur at other affected organs are
Bleeding occurs from the outlet of gastric tract that is rectum.
• Lymph tissues are not properly developed.
• Due to blockage of lymphatic or vascular system there occurs the hypertrophy of the affected limb. Due to this there is excessive enlargement of the limb giving the signs of local gigantism.
• In KTWS in rare cases occurs the shrinkage of affected limb.
• The patients in which venous derangement is more than lymphatic shows the symptom of excessive pain in affected limb and complications occur there.
• Sometimes due to vessel defects there is formation of emboli in vessels that can reach up to the lungs and can cause pulmonary embolism.
• Heart failure occurs as a complication of this syndrome.

The goals of treatment are to reduce symptoms and reduce the risk of complications. Your health care provider will recommend the treatment option that is right for you.

Medications and iron supplements may be prescribed, as well as compression stockings to alleviate pain and swelling.

Surgery and other minimally invasive therapies are sometime necessary to treat KTS and its complications.

Natural options for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS) include Homeopathy which can be effectively used to manage the symptoms of KTS. Cure is unlikely but homeopathic remedies can help alleviate the pain without any side effects. The main remedies which are indicated in KTS are:

  1. Arnica (cream for topical application) and Remedy to be taken internally
  2. Fluoric acid
  3. Lycopodium 
  4. Staphysagria
  5. Vipera Berus  
  6. Pulsatilla

Each body is unique, if you want to explore the limits of healing, you can try homeopathic treatment. People have reported amazing improvements for several other congenital health issues using homeopathy for several years.

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