natural permanent cure of Scoliosis

Natural permanent cure of Scoliosis

Updated: Mar 2022

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. It is more common in girls and occurs most often during the growth spurt in early teenage years. Small degree of lateral curvature does not cause any medical problems but larger curve can cause postural imbalance and lead to muscle fatigue and pain, more severe scoliosis can cause breathing problems and lead to spondylosis or arthritis of the spine. Homeopathy offers natural permanent cure of scoliosis.

The reason for scoliosis is not known. It is usually hereditary. Having yearly medical & physical check up of children is the best way to discover any such abnormality before it worsens.

There is no cure for scoliosis in modern medicine except wearing brace or other highly intrusive treatments.

Homeopathy on the other hand offers the promise of cure if the right treatment is given timely. Not only that, homeopathy may eliminate the hereditary aspect too so that this problem doesn’t appear in future generations.

To address this problem, the homeopathic treatment requires constitutional prescribing based on the principles of homeopathy i.e. a single remedy, selected based on the totality of symptoms and given in a single dose at a time.

The natural permanent cure of Scoliosis using homeopathy is not magic and will not work overnight. While it has the potential to cure cases in children within a few months extreme cases of persons beyond the developmental years of growth (over 20 yrs of age) should expect 1-3 years of treatment for significant improvement.

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