natural treatment of food allergies

Natural treatment of food allergies

If you are looking for natural treatment of food allergies you have come to the right spot. These days its not uncommon to find someone with food allergies and this is an increasing trend. The market store shelves are filling with gluten free products which again is an indicative of the increasing trend of this problem.

In simple terms, food allergies are basically an out of whack immune system of the body due to several reasons, most of which are unknown.

In almost all forms of medicine except homeopathy, the treatment is to either eliminate those foods which cause the allergy or get allergy shots.

Homeopathy on the other hand treats the whole person holistically and hence after a successful treatment course the allergies are either eliminated completely or reduced substantially. The extent of cure depends on numerous factors e.g. genetics, living style which includes eating, sleeping, exercise habits, stress etc. So not everyone will see a 100% cure.

Inherited diseases which have been suppressed with allopathic medicines transfer down the generations and then show up as hard to treat health issues. This has been proven by medical science too e.g. if you suppress childhood eczema with steroidal creams, the child invariably develops asthma.

Homeopathy believes that skin issues though unsightly are the best form of a disease as this shows that it’s not being internalized. The skin symptoms are the gold mine which lead you to what is going on inside. Your body speaks through the skin and lucky are those whose health issues are known this way. If the skin is silent and there is some disease inside your body, there is no way of knowing unless it develops to a level to show symptoms.

Similarly, in food allergies, when the body is in distress it shows its distress by creating hives, breathing issues etc.

These problems can’t be treated overnight and require consultation with a classical homeopath. A classical homeopath is the one who treats using the cardinal principles of homeopathy which are:

1. Single – Always gives one remedy at a time and never mixes remedies
2. Similar – Gives a remedy which perfectly fits the case
3. Minimum – Gives a minimal dose and waits for its action to complete

There are several competent classical homeopaths out there. Find one to treat you holistically.

If you like, we can also evaluate your case and let you know if we can treat you using classical homeopathy. If interested, see our website

natural treatment of food allergies
natural treatment of food allergies

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