Natural treatment of Inoperable Cancer

Natural treatment of Inoperable Cancer

Natural treatment of Inoperable Cancer is possible in some cases!

Cancer is one of those diseases which arouses the fear of a death grip, a choke hold from which escape is not possible. What adds to this dreadful disease is the pain & suffering that most patients undergo while having this disease. In some cases, Homeopathy offers the hope of natural treatment of inoperable cancer.

It’s unfortunate to see so many people getting chemotherapy and be declared cancer free, only to find out that it has returned within months or a few years. If you want to beat cancer you have to work on all levels of your existence i.e. mind, body & soul.

To prevent & treat cancer, unless the cause is not known, all treatments will be a stop gap arrangement and sooner or later, cancer will return. If you get food poisoning due to eating rotten food, you will never be cured unless you stop eating rotten food. The same thing happens with cancer, if the persistent cause is not removed, the cancer will come back.

There are several causes of cancer, some common ones are listed below:

1. Genetic pre-disposition – e.g. born in a family where breast cancer is in its 3rd generation
2. Over exposure to carcinogens – e.g.:
a. Diet – eating a diet rich in insecticides, pesticides, highly processed food
b. Radiation – having constant exposure to high radiation fields e.g. living under high tension electric cables
3. Intense emotional trauma – e.g. persistent & non-stop emotional trauma & grief

In most cases, the cause can be removed.

Cancer is a dangerous disease and the logic of prevention is better than cure can’t be more true in its case. You can go through several articles on living a healthy lifestyle on my website.

As of this writing, there is no guaranteed cure for cancer in any form of medicine. Allopathic medicine can treat it with chemotherapy, radiation etc. but can’t cure it. Especially in case of genetic pre-disposition, there is nothing that you can do in modern medicine.

Natural treatment of Inoperable Cancer
There is anecdotal evidence that people have successfully beaten cancer through the use of healthy living and homeopathy. Especially for cancers which are inoperable and there is no hope in any other form of medicine, it would be sensible & prudent to give homeopathy a try instead of doing nothing. While it is unlikely that a full blown stage-4 cancer can be cured, homeopathy still offers some hope for all those people who have tried other forms of treatment without success. Also it offers hope to those having mutated genes like BRCA etc.
Homeopathic treatment is generally safe, non-toxic and non-invasive.

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