Online Homeopathic Consultation

Online Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic Consultation

We offer following types of consultation (you can buy the remedies yourself):

  1. Online Consultation via email
  2. Phone or Skype Consult

Our Online consultation:

  1. Go to our SRF (Smart Remedy Finder)
  2. Register yourself & Log in free
  3. Use the SRF for your illness
  4. While using the SRF, choose the option that you want us to manage your case.
  5. Your case details will come to us & we will proceed with treatment

Fee Structure for Online consultation:

If you like the results of the consultation you can pay us otherwise you go free. We will manage your case on the Member Portal as part of Online Homeopathic Consultation.

First Time Consultation (Chronic- old cases), $60:

  • Includes Case analysis & holistic advice
  • There are some cases which require a few months of treatment before improvement is seen, for such cases we may extend the Pay After Cure promise for upto 3 months of free treatment.

Follow-Up, $30:

  • If you are satisfied and want to continue after the first month, you can pay us the monthly fee at the start of every month.

Acute problems (Cold, flu, fever etc), $25:

  • Case analysis & holistic health advice.
  • You Pay Us $25 once you are cured.

Phone or Skype Consult, $150:

If you want a Phone or Skype consult, please Contact Us for details. It’s a prepaid service with follow ups for a month for one case (non-emergencies during office hours only).