permanent natural cure of dry mouth

Permanent natural cure of dry mouth

You know that feeling of a sticky cotton mouth you sometimes have at bedtime or during the night. A dry mouth can be very irritating, but it also can be a symptom of an underlying health concern or the side effect of a medication. Homeopathy offers permanent natural cure of dry mouth and you can see some relief within 4 weeks.

Dry mouth is a symptom and not a disease. The medical term for dry mouth is xerostomia and occurs when there is a change in the production of saliva by the glands in the mouth, known as salivary glands. It is usually associated with anxiety, snoring, aging, and severe dehydration. It should not be confused with the occasional occurrence of experiencing a dry mouth due to thirst. This condition of xerostomia is more serious and consistent.

Dry mouth can be caused by several health concerns, leading to a loss of appetite and possibly impacting the condition of your teeth. Dryness of mouth at night can be especially uncomfortable. Let’s look at some of the most common causes.

  • Allopathic medicines, Prescribed and over-the-counter drugs can have dry mouth as a listed side effect. Those most commonly associated with the condition include muscle relaxants and pain relievers.
  • Tobacco Use, any use of tobacco products, whether smoking or chewing, can cause a person to have dry mouth, especially dry mouth at night.
  • Nose blockage due to DNS, polyps, rhinitis etc.
  • Digestion problems also contribute to dry mouth, foul breath etc.

You can fix the problem of dry mouth by eliminating the causative factor i.e. the underlying reason.

Homeopathy offers permanent natural cure of dry mouth. You can see some permanent relief within 2-4 weeks with full cure in a few months, depending on the reason of the problem e.g. if you have dry mouth due to digestive issues, it may take a few months to cure but if you have DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum) it will take upto 2 years to correct it without surgery. Allopathic doctors recommend surgery for DNS and even after surgery the problem of DNS comes back within 12-24 months.

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