quit smoking without drugs, patches or will power

Quit smoking without drugs, patches or will power

If you want to quit smoking without drugs, patches or will power then this article is for you.

Why do the conventional ways of quitting smoking fail:

  • The modern drugs modify your behavior selectively and can cause suicidal behavior.
  • The patches try to replace the route of nicotine ingestion i.e. instead of smoking they use your skin
  • Using sheer will power & determination to quit smoking works for very limited number of people. If will power & determination were your strong suite, you probably wouldn’t be reading this

So what are other options then?

We believe in fixing the root cause i.e. the craving & desire of smoking need to be fixed holistically so that even if you are under stress, your body should not fall back on the nicotine craving mode.

The following homeopathic remedies, when taken properly, may eliminate the root cause i.e. your craving for smoking, tobacco.

The top homeopathic remedies which can do this job are:

  • Caladium Seguinum
  • Daphne Indica
  • Plantago Major
  • Staphysagria

You can read any online Materia Medica for these remedies to see which one seems to fit your symptoms best and then take one dose of 30c and see how it effects you over 3 weeks. You may need more doses or a different remedy but this should be a good start.

We believe homeopathy is the most natural & fastest method of healing, still it is not magic and even homeopathy follows the laws of nature.

Accordingly, cure will be governed by the following factors:

  • Age of the patient (the younger the patient, the faster the cure)
  • General health of the patient (better health will ensure faster cure)
  • Age of the problem (older problems take longer to resolve)
  • Severity of the problem (more severe problems take longer to resolve)
  • Cause of the problem (the simpler the cause, the quicker the fix, old, genetically inherited problems are very difficult to resolve)
  • Treatments already taken for the problem (the more suppressive treatments used, the more difficult the cure)
  • Location of the problem (skin problems don’t resolve unless the underlying internal health issues are cured)

Homeopathic remedies are:
– Safe
– Fast acting
– Give permanent cure
– Non-toxic
– Non-invasive
– Extremely cheap. Homeopathic medicines (called remedies) cost less than $10 for more than 5 (five) years of supply!
– Last a lifetime and have no expiry date

If you want to benefit from the holistic healing approach with homeopathy, you can either see a homeopath of your choice in person or try our site for online help with these two options:

Self Help:
If you are familiar with homeopathy and want to treat yourself, you can use our FREE Smart Remedy Finder to find the right remedy within minutes for many ailments & injuries along with detailed prescription guidelines on how soon to expect improvement, when to repeat the dose etc.

We Help:
If you want us to find your remedy and manage your case, please use our Online Homeopathic Consultation which comes with a No Cure – No Pay promise i.e. we will treat you for one month without any fee, if you are satisfied with the results within one month, you pay us at the end of the month. If you are not satisfied, we stop the treatment & you go free.

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