The First Ingredient of Healing

The First Ingredient of Healing

Holistic healing has 3 ingredients which involve Mind, Body & Soul. No amount of medicine, be it modern or alternative, can heal you of long standing health issues unless the first ingredient of healing is not added.

If you have been struggling with chronic health issues or for that matter any issues troubling you for a long time and you have not been able to resolve them, then it is time to rethink the entire philosophy of handling that problem because we know what Einstein said, it’s madness to expect different outcome if the input stays the same. So isn’t it about time you change the input and get different result.

You can’t achieve complete healing unless Mind, Body & Soul are involved in the healing process. Most physicians can help you with the Body’s healing, fewer tackle the Mind part and rarely is the Soul part touched.

We can’t blame the common physicians as they have been trained as such and truly so as most common ailments can be cured with focusing on the body only. It’s the chronic ailments which require focus on all 3 ingredients to achieve the perfect cure.

  • The Body can be cured with any form of medicine, allopathy, homeopathy, herbal, acupuncture etc. Each having it’s own pros & cons. Focusing on the body is the Third ingredient of healing.
  • The Mind can be cured with mindfulness, concentration, meditation etc. Focusing on the mind is the Second ingredient of healing.

But when it comes to the First ingredient, most physicians are clueless. This ingredient of the cure requires a paradigm shift, something which even most patients are unaware of. This ingredient can only be understood if you have a faith system which you follow, any religion, the concept of the creator and the ultimate authority. If you don’t believe in that, you should not waste your time reading this article.

If you are still wondering which ingredient am I talking about, its Prayer! This is the First ingredient of healing.

First you have to understand the core of why you do what you do. Once you have this figured out, you will achieve cure. Here is an example:

You have been plagued by a chronic disease for a very long time and you want to cure it. Why? Because it’s a constant source of unhappiness for you. You want to be cured because if you are healthy, you will achieve many things which will ultimately lead to happiness! So it’s happiness that you want, not cure. The cure is just a means of getting that happiness.

So what is the solution. There are some problems in life which are much bigger than we appreciate and can’t be solved even with all our collective wisdom. Those are the problems which make us feel powerless and for those things we need to turn to our creator.

If you believe in a creator, then read on and get ready to experience some of the true miracles first hand.

There is a very simple exercise which you can do for any problem that you are facing right now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a health problem, it could be anything. Do this exercise and watch over the next few days how things start changing gradually but surely. Continue this exercise for a few days and you will be amazed. Once you do get amazed, send me an email and share your experience at

Here is the exercise:

  1. When you lay down at night for sleeping, close your eyes and cross your hands above your chest
  2. Say the following words in your heart, not aloud: “God I have suffered long through this ………(fill these blanks with the problem which you want resolved, it can be a disease, a financial issue, anything). You are the ultimate provider. Please remove this suffering from me and give me peace & happiness.”
  3. Repeat it 3 times and then sleep
  4. Watch over the next few days how things start improving

Important Note:
This prayer will not work if you ask for bad things for others. The basic premise is that you are asking the ultimate authority to give you peace & happiness without taking it away from others. God has the power to provide peace & happiness to everyone and all it sometimes is praying & asking. If your prayers are based on jealousy, you will fail. You can never achieve happiness by making others suffer because to make others suffer you have to constantly be in pain as that will be the driving force for you to plan and make others suffer.

If you have tried everything and are still not getting the results that you desire, then you owe this to yourself to pray and let God work for you. Add the first ingredient of healing to your life and let the magic begin.

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