natural treatment of zika virus

Natural treatment of Zika virus

The most common symptoms of Zika infection are fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes). Other common symptoms include muscle pain and headache. Of the several options available to treat it, we believe there is only one natural treatment of Zika virus which is safe, fast & cheap and that is using homeopathy.

This illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. The right homeopathic remedy can start showing relief in the above mentioned symptoms within hours.

The problem begins when a pregnant woman becomes infected with Zika virus. It is suspected that Zika virus causes microcephaly (a birth defect in which the size of a baby’s head is smaller than expected for age and sex) in the infants born to mothers infected with Zika virus.

Microcephaly is not curable and the best defense it to avoid getting the virus. It is just like polio, the best defense is prevention.

If a pregnant mother suspects that she has been bitten by a mosquito, she should immediately seek homeopathic treatment based on the symptoms present at that time. We have no way of knowing with certainty but we think that the right homeopathic treatment at the right time may prevent microcephaly.

In addition to the common sense measures of avoiding mosquito bite, some homeopathic remedies can be used as a prophylactic (preventive) in case of Zika virus. If you are visiting the areas where Zika virus is suspected, you can take a dose of the correct homeopathic remedy in 200c potency once every 15 days. This will most likely prevent the attack of Zika virus.

We have intentionally not given the names of the remedies here as homeopathy is based on individual symptoms and one remedy may not work on another even though both are infected with Zika virus.

When contacting a homeopath about Zika virus or any other ailment even, the following symptoms need to be reported to get the right remedy quickly:

  • List of all symptoms that have appeared
  • What makes them better or worse e.g:
  • Joint pain in knees which gets better by massage or applying something warm, headache
  • Throbbing headache in temples which gets better by lying down
  • Your level of thirst
  • Are you feeling warm or cold
  • How are you feeling emotionally

For the natural treatment of Zika virus consult any good homeopath who should be able to prescribe successfully and the right remedy in right potency should show improvement in your symptoms within 8-12 hrs.

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