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Very good & easy to use site. The services offered are reasonably priced and is a fair deal. I will recommend this to my friends.

I highly recommend this website to all. I did not imagine my long standing struggle with pcos could be diagnosed so promptly and holistically. I can feel the difference in my mind and body. Thank you for the swift assistance. I am grateful!

I have nothing but praise for the homeopathy fitness team as they were able to relieve my painful periods. The best part was that I didn't have to pay anything unless I saw a cure!

I started working with pay after cure when my son was around 7 or 8 months old. My son had very bad food allergies and awful eczema. His whole body was affected but his face looked like it has cradle cap all over. He was itchy and miserable and would often scratch until he bled. We tried everything we could including steroid cream from the doctor which would clear it up but only while we used it twice a day. After submitting his case, he was recommended a remedy right away. The first day he seemed worse, but then just as predicted started to get better. He no longer has a dairy allergy and his eczema is almost completely gone. His temperament is so much better and he is no longer miserable. And anytime I have questions o get a response right away. Hands down the best homeopath I have found to work with!

Its a great tool that I have used many times for finding free homeopathic remedies for many ailments of my family members. Thanks

My daughter was around 5 yrs when she got her MMR booster shot and soon after she developed a big wart on her nose & a smaller one on forehead. I was very concerned. The skin specialist said that there was no connection between the wart & vaccine but I was certain it was due to the booster shot. I did some online search and found ample evidence that some kids do have warts break out with vaccines. My research brought me to the team of Pay After Cure and with their recommended treatment, the warts were dissolved within 2 months with perfect skin later on.

I feel that I should update my experience with Pay After Cure after another health issue resolved with help of Pay After Cure. I have an an awesome outcome, as usual with the doctor. This makes me love homeopathy more and more. This time my post is about successful cure of yeast infection.

I am so happy that I don’t have to comeback to CureZone Forums anymore as I used to when I've had health issues, serious ones. Thankfully, I am just coming back here to share my experiences with natural therapy. Because I know how it feels with traditional medicine and its motto: How can’t I help you?
Traditional medicine, despite being very successful in antibiotics and serious surgeries like heart transplant, cannot cure many issues like backache, migraine, or even common cold because it looks only into physical body and treats the symptoms, not the cause.

Main aspect of Alternative medicine approach to the human body – it cannot be separated from the mind and spirit; therefore, it treats not only physical body, but also the spiritual and emotional bodies in a level of a whole person. Another positive in alternative medicine – no bad side effects whatsoever, but very good ones - emotional balance, composure, good and strong attitude toward life. Alternative medicine methods- be it acupuncture or homeopathy, herbal medicine or aromatherapy - are always successful and effective. Every method affects health on its own unique way.

Yeast infection cured with homeopathy

I’ve tried the over-the-counter-medications like Monistat in the past; they did not help cure vaginal yeast infection, just relieved symptoms for very short time. Then it comes back, and if one keeps using over-the-counter-medications, the issue becomes chronic.

The only medication that helped me in the past was the whole 3 months natural herbal medicine treatment course with which costs about $300 from company called Neways. The company have gone through re-branding since last couple of years; now they called Modere. Nice quality products for personal care and healthcare. They herbal method takes time- 3 months- and is not cheap.

This time, recently, when I was infected by vaginal yeast, I wanted the issue to be resolved faster and cheaper so I talked to my doctor homeopath who have helped me with my struggle with parasites in past tremendously. He replied very fast and prescribed a homeopathic remedy and, as usually, his treatment helped very fast, within 24 hours, only with one (!) homeopathic pellet. I took only one pellet on July 6 and up to now, October 11, there is no sign of yeast. No side effects except positivity in emotional sphere.

I like homeopathy very much; it doesn’t have side effects, works fast, and not expensive. $8 with homeopathy versus $300 with herbal 3 month treatment – huge difference!

Knowing how irritating and devastating the yeast infection can be and, if not treated right, can lead to a chronic state, I have decided to post my experience, hoping that it might help someone who is fighting yeast infection. Another nasty effect of this infection is that it's especially affects hair,creates dandruff, ouch...

My doctor charges low fee only after you cured, very helpful and non-judgmental, replies very fast to your inquiries. I highly recommend his services to all who need a fast cure.

Wishing all very good health. Stay strong and healthy with alternative medicine.


My 9 week old baby had been suffering from acid reflux. Her symptoms included not eating, not gaining weight fast, and not sleeping. She for brief periods and then cry because of the acid reflux. Since she would stay hungry she would not get a good rest. We had tried gripe water, nat phos. 6x, different versions of sensitive baby formula, and prescribed medicine. The medicine worked for one day but we discontinued because the baby's stomach churned more than we were used to. After contacting payaftercure we were given a remedy that worked immediately. This made our baby happy and the parents very happy. Baby is a happy 20 weeks 11 lbs growing bundle of joy. Thank you.

I am so happy that I got my acne cured FINALLY!! These guys are the best.

Adenoids healed without surgery, finally! My 3 year old daughter had enlarged adenoids and the dr. recommended surgery. I was too scared to go that route and looked online for non-surgical options. In Google search, the blog written by Pay After Cure got my attention and I thought of trying it. I was extremely surprised and very happy to see that within one week there was improvement in the breathing & sleeping of my daughter and by time it was one month, the sleeping & breathing improved substantially. All this done with just a single dose of the remedy was beyond belief. It took 4 months for my daughter to be cured fully. I told all my friends about my experience and have used this service for other problems too. They are very affordable and easy to work with.

I contacted team Pay After Cure for my periods problems which were a huge issue since puberty. My periods were always irregular, very very painful and debilitating. When I contacted these guys they explained that it will take at least a year to see great results. By this time I had tried any & every option and was in no mood to continue using the pill which provided temporary relief and the moment I stopped it, the problems would return. Anyways, it took slightly over a year and I can't believe that I have periods which are regular like clockwork now, there is no pain and I can't believe that I am cured. I'd recommend their services to anyone who is sick of the allopathic medicines and their false promise of cure.

I highly value treatment PayAfterCure provides as it cured my issues without bad side effects whatsoever. The most unexpected “side effect” I've had was getting-rid-of-depression effect which I appreciated tremendously! PayAfterCure will provide you with easy-to-follow comprehensive guidelines on correcting your health issues and healthy leaving, and will share his knowledge about the way homeopathy works.
PayAfterCure will reply to your inquiry by email in real-time, almost like in chat where you get answers instantly which helped me manage my health issues in healing crisis situations. I knew that I will get his reply, support, and professional advise almost immediately. He is on top of what he is doing- curing, not treating! I would highly recommend PayAfterCure services; I am pretty sure that you will get a notable result in your emotional and physical state as I've got. Anyways, PayAfterCure does not charge you his insignificant fee unless you're cured. You will experience your life suddenly change for the better!

I am 58 yrs old and had been suffering with enlarged prostate problems, going from one dr to another and nothing was working. The only thing remaining to try was surgery and I was not in favor of that as I didn't have insurance and couldn't afford surgery. Then a friend recommended to try homeopathy and I did some online search and found these guys. They guided me to use the Smart Remedy Finder and I used it for Problems of Men. I asked the team of Pay After Cure and they confirmed it by further asking me a few questions. I used that remedy and felt some relief within 4 days. Now it's been almost 8 months, I infrequently take that remedy and it seems I never had any prostate issues. God bless this team.

I had piles problem and that was very painful. I contacted the Team PAC and started my treatment, i had also tried few other options in the past but the problems would return back as soon as i stop taking tablets. i got permanent relief in a few months, thumbs up for you guys, Highly Recommended!!!

My prostate problem had been plaguing me for several years, I was in for a big surprise at how soon my symptoms would be relieved.

I had chronic diseases and tried everything to solve them. Nothing really helped. Finally, i consulted with payaftercure.com, and now i feel much better. I never knew homeopathy could do such miracle.

God bless you sir

Really great website, highly recommend!

I used the Smart Remedy Finder for fever and using the indicated remedy my fever reduced within 2 hrs. It was due to severe sore throat and the throat pain also subsided in 6 hrs. I am very happy with the results and best of all, it is free!

I consulted this site for my recurring throat infection and was pleasantly surprised to be cured within 3 doses of my remedy. I was not expecting such a speedy healing process. I plan to use homeopathy in future also. Thanks to the team of homeopaths working here.

I had a very disturbing skin issue - itchy skin and scalp. It was very bothersome and embarassing. Pay After Cure provided tailored prescription according to my personality type. The issue is almost gone at this point. I feel so relieved. I truly appreciate to have such a great service available on this web site. I am so thankful!

PayAfterCure is the platform for those who want to cure their illnesses without side effects of Allopathic treatment. Yes, Homeo treatment is very effective if the remedy is properly used / as advised by PayAfterCure Management.
I have been consulting homeopath Amer for 'Infant Problems' of my Kid. Only one dose of the remedy he advised was sufficient to cure the illness of my Kid (last one was Canine Tooth Problem, resolved with only one dose). This helped avoid allopathic treatment specially the antibiotic. I have also been consulting him for Glaucoma in both eyes of my mother and found the treatment more than satisfactory. This also helps you avoid the hassle of doctor visits/visit fee etc.
Best part of PayAfterCure is you don't pay if there is no cure. This may give you reason to give it a try. I am very satisfied with their treatment and strongly recommend to others.

I was sick of my acne and eating antibiotics without any use. I used Proactive and several other products but the acne kept coming back. It was then I realized that the problem was coming from the inside and needed to be cured from inside. Topical creams and treatments will not cure it. A friend told me about his good experience with the team of Pay After Cure and their promise was too good to resist. So I consulted them and used the Smart Remedy Finder. I was so happy to see that almost 70% of my acne just died down within 3 weeks. I have been using their treatment now for over 2 months and am very happy with the results that almost 80% of my acne is gone. I still get occasional break outs but it's just been 2 months. I hope to have full cure soon. Thank you team Pay After Cure!

I contacted this website for the enlarged adenoids problem of my 5 yr old son. The doctors had advised surgery which I wanted to avoid. After doing Google search, I found their site which was promising improvement within weeks and that too with a promise of no payments. I was surprised at the results, my son improved a lot in 2 weeks and was breathing through his nose, had better energy during the day, was not sleepy. It took 3 months to resolve his adenoids issue fully. Now it doesn't look like he ever had any breathing or sleeping issues. I am delighted at the results and would recommend the services of this website to anyone looking to cure their health problems holistically.

I have been helped in several health issues from time to time. I am a believer!

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