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1. Please try to answer all applicable questions. Don’t rush through it, think about your symptoms & then answer.
2. The remedy finder is SMART only if you answer the questions accurately otherwise it will be GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out!
3. Once you start answering, the non-relevant questions will be greyed out.
4. It will take a few minutes (usually less than 5) to answer relevant questions.

Abscess (Boils) Acne Adenoids & Tonsils
Alzheimers (Dementia) Arthritis Bites & Stings
Candida/Genital Yeast Chalazion & Stye Cold & Flu
Cold Sore Cosmetic homeopathy Depression
Diabetes Earache Fever
Food Poisoning GERD/Reflux (Infant) Headache/Migraine
High Blood Pressure Injuries/Accidents Joints Problems
Lower Back Pain Mouth/Canker Sore Piles/Hemorrhoids
Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis Pollen Allergy Problems of Men
Problems of Women Psoriasis Sciatica
Sore Throat Teething (Children) Tinnitus
Tonsils Tooth Ache UTI (Urinary Infection)

Acute Personality Analysis Chronic Personality Analysis