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1. Please try to answer all applicable questions. Don’t rush through it, think about your symptoms & then answer.
2. The remedy finder is SMART only if you answer the questions accurately otherwise it will be GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out!
3. Once you start answering, the non-relevant questions will be greyed out.
4. It will take a few minutes (usually less than 5) to answer relevant questions.

Abscess (Boils) Acne Adenoids & Tonsils
Alzheimers (Dementia) Arthritis Bites & Stings
Candida/Genital Yeast Chalazion & Stye Cold & Flu
Cold Sore Cosmetic homeopathy Depression
Diabetes Earache Fever
Food Poisoning GERD/Reflux (Infant) Headache/Migraine
High Blood Pressure Injuries/Accidents Joints Problems
Lower Back Pain Mouth/Canker Sore Piles/Hemorrhoids
Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis Pollen Allergy Problems of Men
Problems of Women Psoriasis Sciatica
Sore Throat Teething (Children) Tinnitus
Tonsils Tooth Ache UTI (Urinary Infection)

Acute Personality Analysis Chronic Personality Analysis

The difference between these two is that Acute is how you are feeling during a self limiting disease e.g. cold, flu etc. whereas Chronic is your actual personality when not sick.

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